Volume Two Released!

It’s here! Magi of Gaia – Volume Two: Nonphysical Damage has finally been released, and volume one is on sale as we speak for only $0.99 (well, the ebook is, at least)! That’s been where the vast majority of my time and effort have been the past month, and I hope my advertising strategy works better than it did for the original release last year. So far, it’s been selling … okay, but not great, but it’s still early. I’ll have to hope for additional sales for volume two to roll in after people have completed reading the first volume.



Aside from all of that, not too much has been new in my life. Does getting an air fryer count? That probably doesn’t count, does it? It makes great grilled cheese sandwiches, though.



After this week, I’ll be putting my focus towards fixing up and filling in the website, maybe write an additional side story, and then get back to work on the main series. I already have a few ideas of how I’d like to start the new volume off, so writer’s block will thankfully not be an issue (I hope). I may end up having to completely redo the website from scratch, which will be as fun as it is annoying, but I feel wary every time I access this site and it reminds me I’m still using an outdated editor.



Anyway, we’re off to a new and exciting start with the second volume’s release, and I hope things continue to go smoothly. Wish me luck, and I’ll wish for your good health and safety!