Two Steps Forward…

Can I complain for a moment? I mean, it’s my blog, but I wanted to set the tone for the first little bit of this entry. Got it? Good.


Yesterday, I wrote on the new story for several hours, and it was a lot of fun because I was essentially writing a story within a story. However, once I was a good ways in, I realized that the tone of the story had slipped into something much more dramatic and heavy than I wanted, forcing me to scrap almost the entirety of the work I had done up to that point. It soured my mood for the day, as you might imagine.


As an interesting side note, when I say I “scrapped” the writing, I don’t mean it’s gone forever. I’m surprisingly protective of anything I write and hate the idea of hard work going to waste, so I end up saving those scrapped paragraphs/pages in a file labeled “Deleted Scenes”. I figure it’s good to keep things like that, as hard work should never be wasted.


On a more positive note, the new book is nearing completion, and you shouldn’t be surprised if next month comes with the announcement of it’s (tentative) completion. There’s still beta reading, editing, and artwork that needs to be done for it, but we’re moving at a brisk pace towards the finish line, and I can only hope everything¬†continues going this smoothly.


That said, expect the big announcement in the near future!