The Finish Line

The finish line IS IN SIGHT! While I’m further behind than intended (2020 was that kind of year), I’m happy to note that Magi of Gaia’s second volume has finally moved out of its rough draft phase! Of course, there’s still lots of work to be done, but now I can start on the methodical task of adjusting small issues, fixing errors, smoothing out rough edges, and polishing the story so that it’s as fun and easy to read as the previous volume. It’ll take a little longer to get it out there, but this was the first major hurdle that I needed to overcome before I could officially say the finish line was in sight.


With that announcement out of the way, I have a second one to make, and this one may not come as much of a shock: These blog posts are moving from once every 2 weeks to once a month. Yeah, so it won’t be that much different from how it has been recently. The truth is that there isn’t much happening within 2 weeks, so a lot of these posts have been “Uh, nothing to see here. I got a cute video for you, though!” and I’m not sure if that’s really worth your time reading it or my time writing it. I’m not saying there won’t be more posts like that in the future, but hopefully something of note will happen within a month … right?


Either way, now that the actual core of the book has been laid out, I can see it being easier to have things to discuss from here on out. If I can remember to do it a month from now, maybe I’ll give some sort of indicator as to how far along the progress is on the book. I’d like to give everyone an idea of how much longer it will be before volume 2 goes on sale. For now, I’ll give you an idea of what it looks like.



Drafting: 100% complete!


Major adjustments/Checking notes: In progress, 4% complete. (As I wrote the novel, I made notes to come back to certain points and check for continuity issues, redundancy, placement, etc.)


Rereading/Minor adjustments/Correcting awkward dialogue: 0% complete.


Finalizing: 0% complete. (This is where I’ll hand the book off to professionals, such as copy editors, graphic designers, and formatting specialists.)



That’s it for now. I hope this gives you a better look at where I’m at, and now that I’ve done this, I realize I should have been doing it the whole time! Oh well. Live and learn.


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there! For those who have unfortunately gotten sick from the virus, I hope you a speedy recovery and for no lasting side effects! There are many people who aren’t so lucky, and to them and their families, I send them all my love. This past year has been a rough one, but there is a bright light ahead, so don’t despair! We’ll get through this together!