The Final Countdown

With the new book having gone through 3 beta readers and an editor, all that’s left if for some final touch-ups to be made and then the dreaded querying process begins. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement, but there’s nowhere to move but forward, and it’s not like I haven’t been here before. I remember Magi of Gaia had a rough start, but I managed to pull through pretty well on that one. With this new series, my hopes are much higher than before (mostly due to even my most critical beta reader praising the book).


Now, it all comes down to being able to “sell” the book to a literary agent. Drafting up a letter that can get the attention of one is difficult enough, but then there’s a lengthy waiting period before they are usually able to get back to you. It can also be difficult to get your book picked up if you aren’t already semi-famous of having thousands of followers (neither of which applies to me), so yeah, it’s going to be an uphill battle. I can’t stress out, though. I have to be confident and never stop moving.


There’s not much else to say, but I think it’s clear that when this is all over, I plan to celebrate with sugary treats that are awful for me. It’s the only correct option.


Hmm … This wasn’t much fun, so let me end by sharing a nice song: