Technical Issues

I’m late! Rather, I had some problems last month getting a blog post added. Every year, for whatever reason, this website makes me manually input the security certificate in the website, or else everyone who visits gets told that they shouldn’t look at it. It’s a royal pain, but hey, at least it’s only once a year.


As for what I’ve been up to, mostly, I’ve been building my Twitter presence. I’ve gone from around 25 followers to nearly 300 at the time of this writing, and I plan to continue growing my platform every day. Not too bad, right? I know a large following on social media doesn’t mean much in terms of a person’s worth, but it does help show potential agents that you have a wide reach, and that’s my goal. Let’s hope it works!


I’ve also been fending off a friend who works night shift and keeps strange hours. This friend often forgets what hours I’m working and tends to want my attention the most during those hours. Do you know anyone like that? You don’t want to be too harsh, but after the third or fourth time, you have to show that you’re mad that they haven’t been listening to you. *Sigh* I’ve never been good with social situations.


Anyway, despite two months passing, not much else has been going on. No word from one particular agent yet. No amazing adventures going on. No lottery winnings (not yet). I may not lead a very exciting life, but I’ll continue moving forward, even if it’s a bit dull. I’m sure there’s something at the end of the tunnel that will be quite exciting!