Spooky Month Returns: The Revenge

You know what I love, and that’s October! It’s the perfect month to sit on the couch and watch some scary movies, play horror games, or watch people who are very entertaining play those games. It’s time for all the autumn foods to reemerge and for people to go crazy for pumpkin spice … even though it doesn’t have any pumpkin in it. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve had anything with pumpkin spice in it for several years. Maybe I should.


Of course, all the fun ramps up towards the end of the year with my birthday and Halloween. Sadly, people don’t really do any trick-or-treating around my area, so I don’t have a reason to get up my own decorations, but, as I posted last year, I love when people make really elaborate set-ups just so the neighbors can have fun.


Oh? You thought I wasn’t going to post a video this year?




Oh. Sorry. A little bit of my Spooky Month spirit slipped out for a second. My apologies. I think I should get back to work or I’ll definitely start slacking by looking for cool stuff online. I can’t let that happen, so I’ll end this here. Have a safe and happy Halloween!