Side Stories

I’ve written a few side stories for minor characters in the past and will be revising them over time and distributing them at some point. If you’re reading this, I’m making the assumption that you already know that Magi of Gaia is full of characters, and many of those characters won’t be able to have a proper spotlight shined on them. Each character has a rich/unique history that I’d love to share one day, and I feel it’s a disservice not to share it. I don’t want readers walking away from this series with ideas like “Priya’s just lazy” or “Hilja is weirdly obsessed with Morina”.


To give readers a better understanding of those characters, who they are, and why they are the way they are, I’ll be going back over previously-written side stories as well as writing brand new ones between books. How these side stories will be distributed is currently unknown, so I’ll be sure to update the blog and post on Twitter when it has been decided.


Oh! As a side note, the first fight scene for volume 2 is currently being reworked. It’s truly been the most difficult fight scene to write thus far because the focus isn’t on magic (ahem!) … or something like that. Sorry if you want to know more, but this is a spoiler-free zone!