Return of the Spooky Month

IT’S SPOOKY MONTH! You know I love this time of year, and not just because my birthday falls right before Halloween (though that helps). I just love that this is the time of year where we teach children that sometimes scary things can be fun if you let yourself enjoy them. Whether it’s schlocky horror, jump scares, creepy atmospheres, or just general dressing up for trick-or-treating, it’s something fun that we can all celebrate together.


As for the writing, I really haven’t done as much as I would have liked since lack month, which makes doing any real update fairly difficult. I got caught up in helping a friend with his last minute schoolwork for college, helping him find the best wording possible for all sorts of things. I know you’re supposed to do the work on your own, but I think it’s fine since all I really did was offer suggestions. I don’t know. Feel free to criticize my decision if you want, but I’ll always help a friend who asks.


As the weather cools off, my attention turns to giving the house a thorough cleaning. It’s been a while since I really went all-in on some sprin—err, fall cleaning, and it’s getting to be that time again. The cozy weather tells me it’s time to get to work, but simultaneously tempts me to lie down for a good nap. What to do?


This year, let me treat you to a wonderful 2-HOUR video of the spooks to be had this year at Transworld. I just learned about it, and I’m still looking over the video, but it looks like a fun horror-themed event, so let’s check it out together!