Progress Report

Here we are again, on the eve of a new volume’s release! I feel much less prepared in some ways this time around, yet much more prepared in other ways. I feel like the release is happening much sooner than I expected. It’s probably just nerves, though. In any case, I’m ready for the big day! I even have some ideas for new places to advertise, so that’s good.


Before I get ahead of myself, however, let’s look at where the progress is as of this writing:




Drafting: 100% complete!


Major adjustments/Checking notes: 100% complete!


Rereading/Minor adjustments/Correcting awkward dialogue: In progress, 95% complete. (I’m not sure I’ll feel like this is 100% done, even after the book’s release. That’s just how I am.)


Finalizing: 20% complete. (This is where I’ll hand the book off to professionals, such as copy editors, graphic designers, and formatting specialists.)





Currently, the book is in the hands of my editor, who is meticulously combing through the book for spelling and grammatical errors. Afterwards, It’ll go to the person in charge of getting the book formatted in both ebook and paperback styles, and finally to the graphic designer who will apply the title, subtitle, synopsis, etc.


That’s pretty much it, BUT since you’ve come all this way to read my blog post for this month, I’ll let you in on an upcoming surprise. With volume two coming out, I’ll be putting volume one at a discount temporarily to try and boost sales. I’m not sure if it’ll work, but go ahead and let your friends and family know. Also, books make a great gift, you know.


There we go. Shameless marketing. I’ve come a long way haha!


Oh, and one last thing before you go. It’s April Fools Day today! In the spirit of a fun day like today, I posted a bunch of April Fools “Quotes” to the Instagram page. Check it out for some non-canonical conversations between characters (that you could absolutely imagine them having). Have a fun day, and remember to prank someone you love!