Can’t say much has changed since the last blog post aside from a massive hurricane coming through. Aside from a massive downpour, nothing really happened here, but if anyone happens to see this post within the next several months (and you have the means), think of doing what you can by donating to the Red Cross HERE. If you’re seeing this a little later, then, uh … I don’t know. Donate blood, don’t litter, and listen to others when they’re feeling down.


What the heck was this post about again? Oh! That’s right; I wanted to discuss my priorities moving forward. Yeah, this is going to be a boring post, so in consolation, I’ll post something good at the bottom for your patience. No, really. It’ll be super cute. I promise. Okay? You still with me? Alright.


So, ranking my priorities from most important to least important, it goes like this: working on volume two, working on the history of Gaia, revising side stories that are already finished, working on new side stories, finding an artist to replace placeholder images and make a map, detailing other aspects of the “GAIA” tab (religion, technology, etc.), polishing the website, and … um … everything else, I suppose. Anything regarding finding an agent is done on the weekends because it’s not particularly time-consuming, so it’s its own priority.


And that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, this one is a bland update, but as promised, I will reward you with THIS CUTE THING!