Spooky Month

I’m doing my best to enjoy the thrills and chills of Spooky Month, but I consistently feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done and relax by watching other people, uh … not relax. We’re only half-way through the month, though, so there’s still time to catch up on all the fun horror stuff I’ve been missing out on. Not to mention, my birthday comes towards the end of the month, so that week will be my week off from writing. I’m sure I’ll be binging all week on both horror and cake.


I’m just kidding. The cake won’t last a whole week.


I … uh … I don’t have much else to add. It’s been a surprisingly dull week, despite how much I’ve been working. I guess I’ll do my usual posting of a YouTube video (this man is my hero, by the way) for your enjoyment and remind anyone who can vote early to go ahead and do so now. I’ll be going in person, so keep me in your thoughts! Hopefully the line won’t be TOO long…

End of Ad Talk

“End of Ad Talk”? Yes, this will be the last I talk about it (for a while, at least), and that is to say this: My video advertisement I ran through Facebook was of absolutely zero value to me. Actually, it was negative value because I paid them to do it. Never again.


That being said, I’ll continue to use Facebook, as it’s easily accessible and I’ve developed a routine of trying to post once a day on it, so it’s a way of staying grounded. Unfortunately, people seem to be leaving the platform in large numbers, so who knows what I should be looking for in the future. I guess I need to go ahead and get that “MoG Quotes of Instagram” idea flying.


…Yeah, I know. I should have been done by now.


Okay, so with all that out the way, I turn my attention to something brighter: IT’S HORROR MONTH!!!!! I’m always a little more hyped around this time of year because I like to see all the “spooky” stuff people come up with, watch scary movies, play scary games, watch other people play scary games and get scared (and sometimes be scared with them). All that, and at the end of it is my birthday the day before Halloween and Halloween itself. I can’t wait for people to start getting into the spirit and reminding themselves that it’s healthy (and fun) to let yourself get spooked once in a while.


Let’s all have a fun October!

More Ad Talk

Well, if there’s on thing I’ve learned over the course of the last couple of weeks, it’s that advertising on Facebook does not equal sales. I still have another two weeks to go on the ad, but all signs point to it being largely ignored, which has not done well for my confidence or my wallet. Well, you live and learn.


…I know that I titled this entry “More Ad Talk”, but, uh … that was it.


I’m still behind on the quote gathering, but that’s simply due to an uptick in working. I’ll get started on something, and then get an idea and start jotting down notes. I don’t know if that’s a good habit or a bad habit, but I’m not bored, so that’s good.


In my personal life … there’s nothing new or interesting. My most adventurous urge right now is to go and check to see if that one cafe I like has reopened. They sell some darn good sweets there (as if I need them). Other than that, I’m afraid all I can offer you is another YouTube video to look at (This one is really neat!). Hopefully, my life will become chaotic so I can write about it next time.


Or hopefully not.

Technical Issues

My long-time nemesis and working partner, Mr. Computer, needed emergency care shortly after the last blog update, but after some surgery, I managed to bring it back to life. We are still at odds, especially during hot summer days (like today), but otherwise, I did not need to buy a new working partner. 2020 isn’t over yet, though.


I made a change from advertising through Amazon to advertising through Facebook to see how the results differ, so I’ll try to remember to give an update on that next time. Otherwise, not much has happened. I’m still healthy (and hope you are as well), but that’s because I’m not getting out much. I don’t think I’d do very well against a virus that severe since I don’t live the healthiest lifestyle.


Um … I don’t have much else, so here’s a song I’ve been listening to lately. It’s another reason why I’ve been getting into VTubers lately. They’re just a group of crazy personalities that can get together and make amazing music on the side. I’ve only got the crazy personality down … kinda. Anyway, listen to the song. It’s in Japanese, but it’s great even without understanding the lyrics.

Preferred Reading

Well, it seems I barely made progress on the Instagram stuff I talked about in my last update. Somehow, my time kept getting siphoned into other activities whenever I would get started on quote-hunting. Things breaking and needing to be fixed, unexpected calls that get my attention elsewhere, and errands I hadn’t planned on running until later suddenly becoming critical—all of these seemed to define the past two weeks for me. I’m going to be cautious this time and just say I’m working on getting those prepared.


Some good news: While I was writing this (yes, just now), I received the finalized version of volume 2’s cover from my artist, and it is … rather large. I still don’t know what a “tiff” file is, though. Still, it looks pretty amazing! I’ll give it a post to the Facebook page later, so keep an eye out for it.


Aside from errands, busywork, and normal work for the book, I’ve taken up the habit of reading recently-banned books. I don’t know why being told that I can’t read a book makes me want to read it all the more (or why it’s so much more fulfilling when you finish it), but that’s what I’ve been doing in the leisure time I’ve scheduled for myself lately. I suggest everyone go and read something they’re not “supposed” to read, especially if it’s a work of fiction! There should be no bounds on fiction, not matter how distasteful someone might find it. Heck, even if you personally find that you don’t like the content of a book, you should always advocate against it being banned or someday books that you like, but others might have an issue with might be next.


That’s it for this entry! Stay healthy, stay safe, and always speak out against book banning!

Sneak Peeks

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe out there. I’m still living as introverted as ever, but I can’t complain if I’m healthy, right?


Before I get started, I realized shortly after writing the previous blog that I left out a small event that happened in early July, so I’ll talk about it here. You see, this website (the one you’re on now) has been up a year, but I hadn’t set everything to auto-renew and … kinda forgot about it. Oops. So yeah, I had to take a while to get the website back up and running, and this was made especially difficult because of the verified security thingy most websites need to have. Those are the thing that, if you don’t have one, pop up and say “This website is not secure. You shouldn’t go here.” I have it fixed now, but it’s a pain to do it manually, especially since I forgot how I did it the first time…


On to new news, you might have noticed that the title of this blog is “Sneak Peeks”. That’s for two reasons. The first reason is that I’m going to link you to the (tentative) book cover for volume two. You can find it right here. As you can see, it’s a rare sight of Jorri showing her anger towards an unknown, smug-looking person. I won’t go into detail/spoilers about what is happening in this scene, but considering the few times we’ve seen Jorri’s full-on rage, you know this isn’t going to be a simple encounter.


The second reason for the title is something I’m currently working on for Instagram. As I said earlier, I’ve been living the introverted life, so I’ve had nothing of note to post on there. I’ve always felt like that site is for people who have things they can show off, and I just don’t have that (at least, nothing of interest of that relates to my book or reading in general). Recently, however, I’ve thought of a plan.


Hopefully, by the next time I post in this blog, I’ll have gone through the first volume of Magi of Gaia and snipped out a ton of quotes/scenes that I like, and I’ll post them to the Instagram account with some comment about that scene (if there’s anything to say). I’ll also do that with what I’ve written in the second volume, though everything in there is subject to change (subtly or not). Don’t worry; there’ll be no spoilers. I hate when people ruin a story for me, so I’ll make sure to not do that to anyone else. I just thought putting my writing on display would be a good way to draw people in. Let’s hope it works!


This was a longer one than usual, huh? Alright, well, I’ll let you get back to your usual lives, but first, for those that read this (assuming there’s at least one of you), send me your favorite quote(s) from Magi of Gaia, and I’ll see if I can post it to the Instagram. I’d be interested to see what people liked the most about the first volume. Keep in mind, the quotes I post will be short, but if you want to just tell me your favorite part, I’d like to hear from you in general!


Stay safe and healthy!

Summer Heat

It’s hot! Well, it’s humid, at least. It’s days like this that make me want to go to the beach, but my introverted side quickly comes up with excuses as to why that’s a bad idea such as no parking, everything is overpriced, the water is getting more and more polluted every year, and, um … oh yeah, the deadly virus that’s still killing people! I think I’ll be staying inside by the air conditioner again this year. Who needs all those cool seashells anyway :(


The book is coming along nicely. Actually, I made a recent Facebook post that shows a couple of (rough draft) paragraphs from an upcoming chapter. I guess you could call that a “teaser”, as it doesn’t spoil anything. Still, it’s been interesting (and fun) writing from a different perspective than usual, and I think a flashback was the best way to go about doing that. I hope it’s as fun to read as it was to write.


As for anything else… I’ve got nothing. I’d hate to make this a short entry, but little has changed. It’s only been 2 weeks, after all. I suppose the only thing I can do to make up for a short entry is the usual trick. That’s right, a YouTube video! Instead of a cute video, I went with the legendary magician himself, Shin Lim, teaching us a cool magic trick that you can show off.


That’s it for this week. Have fun and stay healthy, everyone!


Oh! And as a final note, I’m changing the font to Arial because the previous font suddenly(?) changed and didn’t look so good. Not sure if that’s a recent change or I just never noticed, but yeah. Arial it is.

Here We Go Again

I know this blog is about progress with my book, but it’s hard not to comment on the world around me, especially with a pandemic ravaging the country. I’ve been (thankfully) safe from it so far, but as the number of infected people grows, it becomes less and less safe to venture outside to run errands. This is a second chance for the government to make responsible choices and help people in need, but … well, I don’t have much hope of that, sadly. I know; so pessimistic.


In brighter news, I’ve contacted Silvia, and she’s agreed to return to illustrate volume two. She was a wonder to work with the first time, and though I’ll be waiting for her schedule to free up, I’m happy to be working with her again. Hopefully, I won’t be as much of a bother this time around (I’m more prepared now, darn it)!


For advertising, I’m back to pinching my budget as tightly as I can. I’m considering removing all advertisement allocation from Amazon and putting it back into the Facebook ad I had running. I feel it will reach more people that way, but will that lead to purchases? Only time will tell. I might hold off a bit longer before moving the money around, but I feel a change is going to be necessary.


That’s pretty much it. I hope you all stay safe, social distance properly, and stay inside as much as you can. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, it seems. Hang it there!


Wow! Time has been flying since the last update that I didn’t even realize that I missed an entire blog update on the 1st of this month. Well, it was bound to happen, but I’m still surprised I didn’t notice I missed it until I came to write this one today. I think it may have to do with the fact that nothing major has happened since the last update. Everything in progressing smoothly, I haven’t gone out or done anything special, and COVID-19 is still rampaging the country (Stay inside! Stay safe!)


To be honest, book sales have gone down swiftly since I ended a few of the advertising campaigns I had going. I may start one back up if the government issues another check to its citizens, but I don’t know if that’s something I should rely on. For now, I’ll continue on like usual and let my work progress smoothly.


Sorry for the lacking update, despite this being two weeks late. Hmm … I should at least leave you with something cute: Here is an amazing thing, and you are welcome!

Necessary Breaks

Hello. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: thanks to all the people on the front lines for your hard work and sacrifice! If there was ever a time to demand you get paid for your worth as an essential employee, now would be the time! Heroes like you deserve heroic treatment!


Speaking of treatment (not the best segue, but it’ll do), I ended up taking a vacation last week. Why? Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but I realized that the last break a took away from work entirely (not just to work on the website or a side-story) was in October when my birthday came around. I thought about it and decided, rather abruptly, that two vacations a year was a good idea. They’re well-spaced and will help revitalize me and keep the writer’s block away (let’s hope).


As for what I did … well, I won’t lie. Lately, I wanted to see what all the noise about “VTubers” was, so I decided to check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t know how to describe it, but let me try. VTubers are basically YouTubers that use special animated facial recognition programs instead of showing their real face, which allows them to play games and make videos as the characters they want to be, giving them more room to play around. It’s an interesting take, and while the vast majority are Japanese-speaking, there are a ton of clips with translations of their … unique moments. Take this video for example, showing two of the newer personalities playing a “cooperative” game of Super Bunny Man. They play off each other well while staying in character, and just have a blast, so it’s fun for the viewer to watch as well.


…Sorry, I’ve developed a weird hobby. We all need at least one, though!