On Schedule!

Aha! Last month, I said that I expected to have the new book’s rough draft completed by the end of March, and I was successful in reaching that goal. It’s currently in the process of being beta read, and I still need to get it touched up, fully edited, and have artwork done before I can take the next vital steps in getting it released, but that’s to be expected. I’m happy that things are running smoothly, and hope they continue doing so.


With a new series getting started, I’m now faced with some new issues. You see, all my branding up to this point has been “Magi of Gaia”, even the website you’re reading this on now. So the question now is: do I make a brand new website and social media pages? I think it would be best to just move everything over to a new website and link everything together instead of having it spread out, and that sounds like it might end up being rather expensive, I’m afraid. I don’t mind taking the time to build a new website (which is as fun as it is frustrating), but I also don’t want to lose MoG’s website. The play here seems to be just to buy up all the website names related to my name and the names of the series I’m working on, and that may be what I have to do. Pray for my wallet, I guess.


I was too late getting this post out. If I had been more on top of things, I could have posted something on April 1st and made an April Fool’s Day blog post. I’m not sure exactly how that would have gone down, but it would have been fun to make, at least. Next year? Next year!