On A Roll

It was halfway through last month when I realized I didn’t do an update to the blog. Well, I can’t say you’ve missed too much. I’m still in good health, writing more than ever (though I took a week off to get my thoughts together), and had a decently enjoyable holiday season. I guess you could say I’ve been so focused on the new book that I just blocked everything else out that wasn’t family-related … so I will say that.


For a contrast to how well the book is coming along compared to the MoG series, I’ll say this: I’m over halfway through writing it already. It still needs a lot of love and attention, but I’m blazing through it at a considerable pace. I’m really enjoying coming up with puzzles and new ideas that can only really work because of the flexible nature of reality in the spirit realm. I want to get it finished and get a beta reader or two to look it over before moving ahead, though. I’m oddly confident that I won’t need to change much.


In terms of issues, the only problems I’ve had lately are staying engaged with social media. Sadly, I’m not really an interesting person, so aside from a few witty/snarky comments on Twitter and some reposts on Facebook (which less and less people seem to be using lately), I’m mostly just filling my time with writing, sleeping, errands, and whatever relaxation I can get inbetween.


Well, I’ll at least try not to fall behind on updating this blog again. Forgetting a once-a-month update is a bit embarrassing, and I don’t plan to make it a habit. Hopefully, next time I’ll have something more interesting to talk about. I mean, I could just be a total nerd and talk about my hobbies that have nothing to do with writing, but I’ll spare you … this time. If that dam breaks, you’ll all be in trouble.