Hunters, Fire, and a Giant Spider

Title catch your eye? Well, that’s what Aliyah and the Spirit Well’s second volume has in store (currently). The previous version of the same trial was a giant maze with rule that were fairly convoluted, so I changed it up. The current trial I’m working on (and let’s keep this just between us) is a sort of treasure hunt with a lot of mini-adventures and challenges packed in, all framed around a chase scene involving different types of hunters: a stalker, a trapper, and a tracker. Because there’s so much to show off, I’ll admit that it’s taking longer than it should, but it’s really fun, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue for the reader.



Aliyah continues to show small sparks of courage, but she’s mostly still cowardly, especially when she encounters the first two hunters, though I’m thinking of adding a comedic bit her final encounter, the tracker. The first two hunters were really good at scaring her, and the second one especially hit on a phobia of hers, so I’m thinking of having her become completely unafraid of the tracker, simply due to him/her not being nearly as scary as the trapper.



I know, I know. None of this really makes sense without reading the story. Heck, volume one is still looking for representation from an agent. Still, it’s fun to be able to discuss it, so here I am. Oh, and don’t be worried about possible spoilers. All of this can change, if I don’t like the flow, just like how I tore out the chapters about the maze and started over again.



Thankfully, I never really destroy an idea. Those chapters are tucked away along with all the other deleted scenes I had to remove/rewrite, so maybe they’ll see the light of day sometime, even if it’s just showing people what didn’t make the cut.



Anyway, spooky month is next month, and I’m already excited! Let’s go!