Here Come The Nerves

Hello once again. Despite my greatest hopes (or, rather, my overly optimistic outlook), Magi of Gaia‘s second volume did not get released last month. Because I’m working with several different people who are all working their own separate jobs, and because certain jobs can’t move forward until other jobs have been completed, it took more time than I originally estimated. Oh well. We move forward regardless of setbacks!


Here’s a look at where we currently are:




Drafting: 100% complete!


Major adjustments/Checking notes: 100% complete!


Rereading/Minor adjustments/Correcting awkward dialogue: In progress, 99.9% complete. (I’m not sure I’ll feel like this is 100% done, even after the book’s release. That’s just how I am.)


Finalizing: 80% complete. (This is where I’ll hand the book off to professionals, such as copy editors, graphic designers, and formatting specialists.)





As you can see, the vast majority of finalization has been completed. All that’s left is to decide on how I want the cover, spine, and synopsis to look, then take it to my formatting person who can give me the files I need to upload. Unlike last month where I was overly optimistic, I think it would be pessimistic at this point to think the second volume won’t be published this month. It’s almost a certainty.


Outside of the usual update, I’ve also gotten my vaccination this month! It was a strange event, as I signed up for it online, but when I got to the place where the shots were being given out, they said I wasn’t in the system. I thought I had made the trip for nothing, but they didn’t make a big deal out of it and ended up giving me the shot anyway. Maybe they saw the time slot was open on their end and realized it was a glitch in the system? I’ve honestly no clue, but I’m thankful they didn’t assume I was lying and turn me away. That would have been annoying (and embarrassing).


I felt rather weak and achy the next day, like I was about to get sick, but that sickness never came. I mostly ended up sleeping it off. It wasn’t fun, but far better than the alternative. I imagine a full-blown sickness taking me right now would be a disaster. I don’t handle getting sick very well. I turn into a complete baby.


Honestly, that was the highlight of my month. As usual, I’m not really going out and doing much, though I’m eager to go see a movie sometime in the near future. I don’t know what I’ll see, but I’ll be happy just to get out and do something fun for a change. If I’m lucky, maybe they’ll be playing a nice Studio Ghibli movie. You can never see “Spirited Away” too many times.


And that’s it for my usual rambling. Everyone, stay safe and healthy out there! Let’s all have fun together when this is over.