Digging Deep

“Digging deep” is a term with several meaning, but what I’m referring to here is when someone reaches deep down inside of themselves to overcome odds that they would usually consider nearly impossible (usually in a pinch, for dramatic flair). I tend to love having characters “dig deep” and squeak out a victory. It’s fun and keeps the reader on edge.


I feel Magi of Gaia has a lot of that through its pages, considering how focused it is on high-tension fight scenes. However, as I draft up Aliyah and the Spirit Well, I notice that I keep working with this concept, even though the series is not focused on fighting, but on puzzle-solving. I’m still able to put Aliyah in tough positions and have her use her head to work around whatever is thrown at her. It’s not just that she can solve the puzzles, but that she struggles until the end and doesn’t give up.


I’m going to try to work on this new novel with that in mind. Aliyah has been raised by her puzzle-loving father all these years, so she’s developed a keen sense for what she should be looking for in terms of misdirection, red herrings, etc. With that foundation, she’ll have a slight edge when being challenged to solve puzzles under difficult circumstances, such as enduring freezing temperatures or deciding which piece of chocolate is poisoned. Things won’t be easy on her, even with her background, but that’s the point. She needs to be challenged beyond her usual means in order to dig deep and grow as a person.


In other words, I’m having a blast writing this story. It has managed to “dig deep” into my brain, apparently.