Big Moves

I ended up skipping last month’s blog post while working on upping my advertisement strategy, becoming more active on TikTok and Instagram and less active on Facebook. Mostly Facebook wasn’t delivering (or I’m just bad at using it), so I decided to try out new venues. It’s hard developing a following on platforms where it seems like I can only view videos and such from people who already have several thousand followers, but you have to start somewhere, right? This is the start of my new, big move forward.


As I’ve posted before, my Instagram account is here.

Now, my new TikTok account can be found here. (If the link gives you any issues, it’s @teholtz)

I’d love it if you could follow them both!



This one is BIG. If you go here, not only can you snag yourself a free sample of the first TEN chapters of Aliyah and the Spirit Well (volume one), but you can read the whole volume by subscribing for as low as $1! Additionally, each week, I’m posting content from my rough draft for patrons only, meaning you can get a sneak peek at what’s ahead for Aliyah!


You can choose to subscribe, get the content, and then unsubscribe right away, but staying subscribed will support me and help ensure that more volumes are published down the line. As the art in the book is fairly minimal (outside of visual mockups of puzzles for the reader), most of the money will be going to get proper artwork done, as well as editing, proofreading, etc.


I can only make this happen with your help, so I hope everyone who reads this considers subscribing to my Patreon. Thank you for everything. I’ll keep working hard!