A Job Well Done

You might have noticed that I skipped the last blog update. That’s because I was working hard on something the past couple of weeks that I said I would complete months ago. That’s right; I’ve finally completed the quote-gathering from Magi of Gaia’s first volume, and now, if you go to the Instagram page, you’ll see a post every day with a new quote on it! I’ve gathered 158 in total, and I’ll likely add to it once volume 2 is published (hopefully faster than I did with volume one). It took forever, but I finally did it! It’s about time!


Other than that, we’ve seen my birthday and Halloween pass by. I enjoyed my birthday, as usual, with some cake and ice cream, but Halloween wasn’t as eventful as I would have preferred. There was a sad lack of fun horror things to enjoy, but I’m decently sure I was just looking in the wrong places. I’ll need to try harder next year! On the plus side, I got to see plenty of interesting pumpkin carvings, and those are always nice.


Now, we push past a very intense election day (or week, it would seem) and look to Thanksgiving … which is seems is cancelled due to a massive pandemic sweeping the country. Things only seem to be getting worse, and while I’d love to spend the day eating delicious food with my family, everyone’s health is the most important, especially when we’re often in contact with elderly people. Better safe than sorry, and hey, maybe it’s time to try cooking something for myself. I’m running low on curry, after all (and I LOVE my curry).


Make sure you’re safe, too. If you’ve made the calculation that you can visit your family in relative safety, then go for it, but be careful. Family can be annoying sometimes, but you gotta love them … at least enough not to kill them 😉