5th Anniversary Post!


Yep! You read that right. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day I started writing Magi of Gaia (back then, known as Welcome to Gaia) for fun… or at least the earliest recorded date I have on record. It’s possible I had made some notes before then, but the earliest definitive date I have on record is August 16th, 2014. So, even though the book isn’t officially released yet, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I’m going to go have an ice cream.


Moving forward, I’ve decided what to do with the “About” page. It’s going to be converted into a “Gaia” page where I go over various details about Gaia’s realm, such as technology, agriculture, and food. It’ll be a project I work on over a long period of time, and I’ll need some additional art for it, but I’m looking forward to expanding on the world, especially with details that I may not be able to put in the book. Not only that, but I can add to them over time.


Final update for today: THE SAMPLE CHAPTERS ARE UP! You can download them in .docx and .pdf formats (.ePub refused to be uploaded for some reason). Check them out. I went with the first four chapters, so enjoy! Make sure to let me know what you think.


The next update will likely be going over what I’ve done with the new Gaia page and how far along it is. Aside from working on volume two, the new page will be my main focus.


For today, however, my main focus will be on celebrating this achievement. I hope to be celebrating with many more people a year from today. Please join me next August 16th!